Ghostbusters 2016


Puppeteering "Slimer" for Ghostbusters 2016

In 2016 I worked on the film Ghostbusters as both a fabricator and the suit performer for "Slimer". This was a body suit puppet designed and built at The Character Shop in Simi Valley, CA. I helped with the build and then I flew with a team to perform the character for on location shooting in Boston.

During shooting I was inside the suit and highly animated facial features were puppeteered by Rick Lazzarini. I felt privileged to be part of such a great team.

It was very helpful as both a builder and performer to test things as they were being made. During the shoot Rick and I worked together to create a dynamic performance that achieved a ghostly surprise. During post the character was replaced with a digital version, but the character performance created an impact which gave the principle actors something visceral and tangible to react to. As the character "Slimer" I also had to jump in the "Echto 1" (the Ghostbuster's ghost response vehicle) slam the door, turn on the ignition, rev the engine, crank the gear into reverse and drive backwards. It was quite a fun challenge to do that in the foam latex suit with numerous servos giving live to Slimer's facial expression millimeters away from my own face and having very limited sight and hearing. But it was fun.

For more information on the design, fabrication, and evolution of the character please check out the page on The Character Shop's website: