Doug-Ford Focus Spokespuppet


In collaboration with Rick Lazzarini's Character Shop and his team of incredible artists I helped design, build and perform the character Doug for the social media marketing campaign for the 2012 Ford Focus.

Shot in Los Angeles and Detroit. Doug went out on the streets with his human side-kick John to interview people, drive around America and tell people about the Ford Focus.

Doug was also involved in a few viral videos where through his own inadvertent instincts he heroically thwarted a robbery, performed CPR on a bus rider, and executed a flawless Heimlich maneuver on a restaurant choking victim.

His accidental superhero powers were caught on video, uploaded to the internet and caught the attention of the executives of Ford who firmly believed the bravery, and humanity and pluck contained in this small bundle of orange fleece perfectly echoed the spirit of the Ford Focus. The rest is social media history.